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Negotiations, Sales

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Research & Strategic Information Operations

Professional Skills for Government [PSG]

Technology/ Paperless Automation


(Freedom of Information Act)


for Higher Education Institutions [HEIs]

Organized in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Justice, Abuja

June 13 – 15, 2022 

Olusegun Obasanjo Auditorium,

Federal Ministry of Justice Abuja

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Answerbank Consulting
  is a productivity & profitability consulting firm,
serving clients across Africa


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Vision  |  Mission  |  Values

Our Vision:
To be Africa's most compelling productivity consulting practice 

Our Mission: 
Our mission at Answerbank Consulting is to provide small-to-large-size organizations and governments with solutions for increasing productivity and revenue - by design, not by chance 

Our Values: 
Our core values give us a framework for daily decision-making and help us enjoy our time at work: Move fast  |  Think Win-Win  |  Own the challenge  | Focus on long term impact, yet optimize for near-term wins


Act with urgency. Prioritize properly. Do not wait until next week to do something you could do today


Involve key stakeholders. 

"It is not to the benevolence of the butcher that we owe our dinner, but from his regard to his own self-interest. We address ourselves not to his humanity but to his self-love, and never talk to him of our own" necessities, but of his advantages


Extreme Ownership: Stop blaming, take action. Own everything in your world - there is no one else to blame

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Basic Private Public Partnership [PPP] Training for Officials of Government-Owned  Higher Education Institutions [HEIs]

Organized by Answerbank in collaboration with the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC)'s NII3P (Nigeria Institute of Infrastructure and Public Private Partnership), Abuja

July 11 - 13,  2022 

Auditorium of Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC), Abuja 

Learn how to deploy PPP on a sustainable basis for improving  your institution's supply of new and modern student hostels, staff housing, gymns, laboratory facilities, etc 

Management, Intermediate and middle level officials in offices of VC, DVC (Admin),  Bursary, Heads of Audit, Directors of Physical Planning,  Directors of Works and Services,    Heads of Legal Units,  Heads of Procurement Units,  Directors of ICT, Directors of Partnerships & Linkages, SAs and other persons who play roles in visualizing, planning,  attracting, negotiating, assessing, structuring, supervising as well as evaluating project and partnership proposals in areas of infrastructure, services, etc.

July 11 - 13,  2022 

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Capacity-Building Program for Officials of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) on the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) 2011

Organized by Answerbank in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Justice, Abuja

June 13 - 16,  2022 

Auditorium of Federal Ministry of Justice, Abuja

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Officials in the offices of VCs, Rectors, Provosts, Registrars, Directors of Works, Bursars, Heads of Audit Units, Heads of Legal Units, FoIA desk officers and other persons in colleges of education with responsibility for compliance with the Freedom of Information Act