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Sell by design. not by chance.

"The sales leadership role is one of the toughest in business today. And we are grateful to God for this because a good sales leader is always in high demand"


If you would like your company's sales leadership to acquire the capacity and competence to:


  • Create useful success metrics that mark progress, not just report results

  • Provide visionary leadership

  • Develop talent and coach relentlessly

  • Focus on creating value in the sales process

  • Forecast with an understanding of where the customer is in the buying process

  • Motivate with recognition and rewards

and if you want members of your sales team  be able to:

  • Forecast their sales with more accuracy

  • Increase revenue and profitability from existing customers

  • Win new, lucrative and fit-for-purpose accounts

  • Reduce losses to cut-throat, price-slashing competitors

  • Jump-start the sales of your new product or service

  • Accelerate your sales process

  • Become trusted advisors to your clients

then, Answerbank Sales Management Academy is here to help you.


Where do you start?

Start by inviting Answerbank to discuss your sales goals and peculiar situation. Our consultants will work with you  to determine your specific learning needs and we shall, accordingly, customize a sales training intervention to fit your organization's goals, market realities, timing  and budget.  For further detail on customized workshops, click here.

or try our public workshops

You may also sign your sales/marketing executives and managers, business development officers, account managers, and other customer-contact staff to our few and exclusive public workshops. For further information on Answerbank open-enrolment programs, click here. You may also call +234 805 506 8791 or email


The PROACTIVEselling® framework  is based on the works of Theodore Levitt, a famous Harvard Business School marketing professor and the former editor of the Harvard Business Review, who is credited with the comment that customers don't want a quarter-inch drill; instead, they want a quarter-inch hole. In other words: They're not shopping for products; they're shopping for solutions. Because the methodology presents selling as a partnership process - not a contest – its practitioners keep the focus not on themselves, but on the customer - in order to sell the way the customer would want to buy. Sales teams that are trained on  PROACTIVEselling®  tend to be top producers, having been tooled-up  with a potent combination of hunting and farming perspectives.

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Sell by design, not by chance.

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