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Is your most valuable asset gathering dust?

Answerbank Digital Archiving to the rescue

Answerbank Document Management Solutions help you to overcome the challenges of document loss by saving and archiving your valued documents in your own media and private cloud  

Managing your records on-site can take up valuable time and space. Worse still, discarding records to create more space can tantamount to throwing away some of your most valuable assets. Moreover, vital archival records that are still active or semi-active (but in a fragile condition) need to be protected as part of a disaster mitigation strategy. So what is the solution?


Answerbank helps you to create and archive digital copies of your documents, including documents that are in danger of damage due to ageing and handling. Our digital archiving solutions may be delivered to you in digital media such as external hard drives or in a private cloud whose access codes are known only to you. They can also be delivered as a hybrid archival solution .


Answerbank Consulting understands how important it is for you to manage your paper documents in a secure manner while ensuring that the information in them is easy to retrieve, share and disseminate. We are also aware of your need to control access to sensitive documents, granting viewing or reproduction rights only to authorized persons. This understanding helps us to serve you with excellence.

Sell by design, not by chance.

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