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Answerbank Consulting helps organizations with technology initiatives to enable them stay ahead of the evolving work environment.

Upgrade to paperless civilization

Answerbank digitization & EDMS

With Answerbank document imaging and digitization services, we convert your paper files and records to digital documents. This will save your office from clutter  and also save you the time that goes into searching for information in a sea of papers. In addition, the digital copies which we produce from your hard copy records are easier to preserve, access, secure and share than the hard copies. Moreover, the digital copies can serve for back up, disaster recovery and business continuity purposes. 


Answerbank also delivers the full complement of EDMS, Electronic Document Management Services  by which we help you to:

  • Easily capture, share, and manage business-critical information

  • Provide immediate, secure access to documents, images, and other content

  • Reduce document processing costs by automating business process workflows

  • Improve operational efficiency by converting paper repositories into searchable digital archives

  • Meet sustainability goals while increasing ROI, etc.


“My husband is very passionate about his documents. So we ended up having to share our bedroom and children's room with his books and papers some of which have not been opened in more than 15 years. Bringing up a discussion on decluttering the house almost always ended in disagreement and quarell.


Answerbank's Digitization and Digital Archival Solutions were literally answers to my prayers of 15 years. Now, my husband has digital copies of all his documents and we are left to share rom with only the most important among them.


Nkeiruka Onyeme, Owerri, Nigeria

Sell by design, not by chance.

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