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Research-based advisory 

Research & Marketing of Research Output

What are the real questions confronting you ... What are the tendencies ... Is there a pattern ... Is the pattern spurious or genuine ... Where will this option lead in 5, 10, 20 years time ...? 


Progress requires that you keep looking for answers even where you have not thought of before and Answerbank Consulting helps in this regard by applying economics, econometrics, marketing and statistical analysis to answer these questions and help corporate executives and governments to find new ways of looking at their problems.

We bring you to that unique point where the dependability of data meets the randomness of life.

In addition, we assist institutions and individual researchers with linkages to the market and other users of research output that may be desirous of partnering with researchers and/or purchasing research outputs

Business Plans and Feasibility Reports

If you are considering embarking on a new business or project, Answerbank Consulting can assist you in the preparation of a business plan that will guide the planning, execution and funding of the proposed business/project.



Economic Research and Advisory

Answerbank Consulting provides research and consulting services across a broad range of applied economic issues to government and private sector clients. The expertise, skills and experience of our Research Associates are supplemented by  academic economists from Universities, enabling our Economic Consulting unit to tackle complex consulting assignments. You can trust us for independent, high quality analysis, research, and advice.



Agribusiness Advisory Services

Answerbank’s agribusiness advisory services help Nigerian farmers as well as investors and stakeholders to meet their growing need for access to markets at both local and international levels.  We support persons and organizations involved in commercial processing and sales of agricultural produce with strategic marketing planning, advisory services on growth strategies, and corporate governance approaches. We also help in areas of capacity building, business development, sales and marketing, market studies, sales and investment proposal development, formulation of agribusiness strategies, and value-chain analysis.  Other areas include: project feasibility studies, project evaluation, general management services, market development/market linkages; etc. For Companies aiming to capture the sourcing opportunities in West Africa, we also help to ensure supply chain efficiency and quality assurance.



Business Crisis and Continuity Management (BCCM)

The Business Crisis and Continuity Management services of Answerbank Consulting provide support to businesses and governments regarding their plans, decisions and actions necessary to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, resume, recover, restore and transition from a disruptive event in a manner consistent with its strategic objectives.


We help in the architecting, deploying and managing of the Business Continuity (BC) program lifecycle processes within your organization. Specifically, we evaluate business continuity risks to your organization, audit your  ability to maintain continuity in the event of a business disruption, identify and select cost-effective BC recovery strategies, assess business and technology requirements for a BC plan, support you to organize an effective BC team, develop a BC plan document, support you to coordinate BC plan with external entities, develop an effective test plan for testing the BC plan, organize and conduct successful BC plan tests, establish a process for maintaining the BC plan, implement a BC plan change management process, and help you avoid typical mistakes that lead to BC program failures.

Sell by design, not by chance.

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