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Smart Choice 3 Student Book Free 171

this course is a general education course designed to introduce the student to the broad range of topics in biological science. this course emphasizes both the experimental and conceptual components of scientific inquiry. the course emphasizes the analysis of data, and the exploration of scientific ideas. student learn basic techniques and concepts in the use of microscopy, biochemistry, genetics, and immunology. prerequisite: biol 108 or permission of instructor. view course syllabus

Smart Choice 3 Student Book Free 171

this course is an introduction to the basic concepts of biology as it is applied to the earth's ecological systems. students are introduced to basic principles of ecology and the way in which ecological concepts are applied to a variety of living things and ecosystems. for example, students will examine the general concepts of biodiversity, food chains, the movement of energy and matter through a system, populations, and the effects of organisms on the environment.

this course is an introduction to the chemical and physical principles used in the food and water industries. the objective of the course is to present the processes used in food and water and to introduce the students to the equipment used in the food and water processing industries. the course includes presentation of methods used to determine the water content in a product, methods for measuring the level of oxygen and other gases, and methods for measuring ph and other chemical properties in foods and liquids. view course syllabus

this course will introduce students to the concepts and basic principles of microbiology. the course content will include a review of major life forms, and the basic mechanisms and principles of microbial growth, including osmosis, active transport of ions, the role of coenzymes and vitamins in cellular metabolism, and the genetic mechanisms used in microorganism. view course syllabus

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