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How To Unlock Fast Sex In Xstoryplayer Without Completing Game

Finally, this game has a collection of VR (Virtual Reality) content, with most of them being rather short, if you want to see more of these in full 3D (if you know what I mean), you could try the prequel XStoryPlayer VR, which is coming out soon! Everything in XStoryPlayer is gonna be compatible with the one from XStoryPlayer VR.

How To Unlock Fast Sex In Xstoryplayer Without Completing Game

Of course, this is my personal review of XStoryPlayer: Sex Games, and I'm not saying that you should do the same, it's up to you! Just know that the game has very active content creators, and you can find a lot of content, ranging from simple incest, to hardcore even if it's not that common. If it's the kind of game that you want to try, then this is definitely it!

The gameplay in XStoryPlayer: Sex Games is pretty simple. You can watch the menu scenes whenever you want, and then to get to the gameplay, you press R1 to start. Press R1 when you need to and do what you need to do to the characters. Once you're ready, then press R1 to enter the scene and it'll be the new gameplay scene, or depending on what you've been doing before, you'll be back to the menu scene as well. It's very simple, but that's why it's my personal favourite game!

I am mentioning this because some gamers might want to know what's going on. If you're not curious enough, it's not that important for you. However, if you are curious, then I have a warning for you! Don't expect to play it at night! If you've noticed the "VR" content in XStoryPlayer, then you would probably notice that it is created with the use of the technology called VRTK. It's a software, and it's not as popular as you'd think, because it doesn't work perfectly with all VR headsets. Therefore, it doesn't provide a fully immersive experience like that of Virtual Reality. As much as you know that it doesn't work perfect, the most important thing is that you don't play it at night!


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