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Kpop Fake Nude Photo

On June 5th, 4Minute's agency Cube Entertainment stated that they will prosecute the people who spread false rumors and photoshopped pictures of HyunA nude. Cube Entertainment stated, "We already have handed the source and original of the photos to the police to be investigated". 4Minute's agency is going to bring justice and will take legal action against the creators and perpetrators of putting HyunA's face on a naked woman's body; which was done through Photoshop.

kpop fake nude photo

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Taken from several sources, the following sites are the best photos of fake nude photos of beautiful women who are very famous in South Korea, with all the edits from experts, making this photo perfectly match the beautiful faces of our idols.

Plenty of idol -fake- nude pictures can be found online. However, why SeolHyun and FNC Entertainment decided to take legal action against the creator of the photoshopped picture but also to anyone that spread those rumors with the picture?

Usually, celebrity fake nude pictures are uploaded to adult websites but here it was uploaded to Facebook. Moreover, usually, the authors of the picture say it is a fake picture not like in this case where the pervert made out a story to prove that his picture is real. This how the situation got out of control ...


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