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Oracle (2).rar

Resource Adapter Archive (RAR): A RAR file holds a resource adapter. Defined by the J2EE Connector Architecture specifications, a resource adapter is a portable component that enables enterprise beans, Web components, and application clients to access resources and foreign enterprise systems.A resource adapter is often referred to as a connector. A RAR file name has the .rar extension.

oracle (2).rar

For example, the following configuration updates DbAdapter.rar to create a new connection instance and creates data source CoffeeShop on the Administration Console for the same with jdbc/CoffeeShopDS.

We are studying on Oracle Data Integrator and we want to move our ODI project from one pc to another. Both computers are identical. we managed to export project via OdiExportWork from Designer as in .rar file format. But we could not managed to import it. How can we do that?

By default, our recovery software will recover and extract files in the RAR archive into a directory called xxxx_recovered, where xxxx is the file name of the source RAR archive. For example, for source WinRAR archive Damaged.rar, the default output directory will be Damaged_recovered. If you want to use another name, then please select or set it accordingly:

After closing the program, extract the .rar file that you have downloaded to your computer and then click the Right Key/Run as Administrator option on the win-install.cmd file in the folder to start its installation on Windows 10.

RAR is the most popular tool for creating and extracting compressed archive (.rar) files. When we download an archive file from the web, we required a rar tool to extract them.

Note: I have looked at this thread for reference How do I make RAR classes visible to separate EAR modules? JBoss 7.1.1.Final, IronJacamar 1.0.16.Final, JDK 6 but in my case I do not have any jboss-deployment-structure.xml inside .rar, is it mandatory?

There is no default utility in CentOS/RHEL 7 systems to extract a .rar file. This post outlines the steps to install the unar package and use of unar command to extract files with .rar extension.

root@Deepin:# echo $HOME/rootroot@Deepin:# echo $PATH/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/xe/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/local/java/jdk1.8.0_112/bin:/usr/local/java/jre1.8.0_112/bin

When it comes back, there will be more setup screens obvious to handle. Don't create 'oracle' account, this will be done later. You can skip Kdump settings. Congratulations! The Linux has been installed.

Reset oracle user password to oracle:# passwd oracleChanging password for user oracle.New password: BAD PASSWORD: it is based on a dictionary wordBAD PASSWORD: is too simpleRetype new password: passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.# Disable secure linux by editing the "/etc/selinux/config" file, making sure the SELINUX flag is set as follows.

Shutdown VM. In VirtualBox Manager click on "Shared Folders" link in the right-hand pane. Add shared folder by pressing "plus" icon. Then select path to the location of oracle software, and check both boxes "Read-only" and "Auto-mount":

Note You can use any name in "Folder Name". If you have oracle installation files at different location, you can overwrite that name to "oracle_sw". This will make easier to follow steps below.

Restart VM and login as oracle user. Change directory to "/media/sf_oracle_sw" - this is where VirtualBox maps Host OS shared folder. Note that VirtualBox added prefix "sf_" to the name of the folder. List 'ls' content of the folder:

You will have different SCSI ID output. This id will be used in udev rules file. Edit "/etc/udev/rules.d/99-oracle-asmdevices.rules" file and add following entry as one line. Make sure you use SCSI ID from the previous command.

Click the "SSH Connectivity..." button and enter the password for the "oracle" user. Click the "Setup" button to configure SSH connectivity, and the "Test" button to test it once it is complete. Then press "Next".

Make sure both nodes are selected. Press on "SSH Connectivity" enter "oracle" password and then press "Setup" button. After the SSH connectivity setup is finished, press "Test" button to test it. Then press Next button.

Stop both VMs. Find the location where VB stores images: Main menu File Preferences General, "Default Machine Folder" box. For example: "C:\Users\sromanenko\VirtualBox VMs". Go to this folder and locate "rac1", "rac2" directories and "rac_shared_disk1.vdi" file. Make a .zip or .rar file containing these three items. If you don't have compressing tools and there is enough disk space, you can copy these three items to another location. The images are saved!

An RAR for Oracle named as jdbc_1 in JNDI and using the Oracle thin Driver JDBC driver, should be described in a file (called for example Oracle1_DM.rar), with the following properties configured in the jonas-ra.xml file:

An RAR for Oracle configured as jdbc_4 in JNDI and using the Oracle XADataSource interface of the JDBC driver thin in order to use a JDBC2-XA-compliant driver.It may be described in a file (called for example Oracle1_XA.rar), with the following properties configured in the jonas-ra.xml file:

Generates a MySQL_dm.rar file linked to JOnAS_jdbcDM.rar, the jonas-ra.xml file inserted is created with values coming from the ra.xml file of the JOnAS_jdbcDM.rar and values from the file

You will get, in total, roughly 250 (*.rar) files (each with size of 4GB), I assume, 4TB compresses to 1TB.When the first 4GB (rar)file is ready, start the transfer in parallel (one job does the compression and the other(s) work(s) on transfer - maybe you have multiple internet connections). Further, suppose you have a continuous (internet) connection between your and the target system with 100 Mbps then, again roughly, the job is done in 28 hours... better then transferring 4TB in a week or more (it's easier to restart a 4GB file as a 4TB file) 041b061a72


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