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2023 Model Year configuration and pricing. 24 inch ATP Stone Guard. 4 inch Drop Spring Axles. American made Dexter axles. White 024 Exterior. Sand Pad for Jack. LED Tail and Clearance Light Package. Upgrade to 3/8 Walls, Upgrade to 15 inch Tires. Rear ramp w/ spring assist. 4,000 lbs. capacity.. Extra Height in 6 inch increments. Trailer: 123961


Chi-Chung Li, Brendan Bender, Shen Yin, Zao Li, Cindy Zhang, Genevive Hernandez, Antonia Kwan, Laura Sun, Joanne I Adamkewicz, Hong Wang, Natalie Dimier, Sue-Zen Lim, Carol O'Hear, Laurie H Sehn, Ian W. Flinn, Sung-Soo Yoon, Lihua E Budde, Chunze Li, Michael C Wei; Exposure-Response Analyses Indicate a Promising Benefit/Risk Profile of Mosunetuzumab in Relapsed and Refractory Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Blood 2019; 134 (Supplement_1): 1285. doi: -2019-123961

The provisions of this 63.11 adopted June 11, 1968, effective June 26, 1969; amended October 22, 1976, effective October 23, 1976, 6 Pa.B. 2665; amended August 19, 1988, effective August 20, 1988, 18 Pa.B. 3693. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (123961) to (123962).Cross References 041b061a72

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