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American Truck Simulator Mods Crash

hello, you have a good combination of maps in one but I have a problem and I can't find a solution. Whether I put it alone or accompanied by other mods, in the Clayton area if I arrive from the north and turn right the game crashes, the same thing happens to me on the route from Albuquerque to the north. can you guide me some solution?

American Truck Simulator Mods Crash

The 1977 Peterbilt 359 is a classic truck that many aficionados still remember to this day. With the use of mods, this truck can be faithfully brought over to a simulator that can do justice to the legacy of this vehicle.

The game offers a great number of customization options for players' trucks that change performance. However, for the most invested players, there can always be more to offer, which is why mods exist that are dedicated to expanding the available pool of just one type of upgrade.

Hittite Games, creator of Car Crash and Real Drive mobile game series, proudly presents its new game, Truck Crash Simulator. In Truck Crash Simulator, you can drive a truck and a truck with or without a trailer, whether in the city or on the cliffs of high mountains, and you can crash and smash the trucks with realistic damage. In Truck Crash Simulator, you can choose 18 variations of 9 different types of trucks. You can smash American trucks, soviet trucks and European trucks by accident in Truck Crash Simulator. If you like truck crash game with realistic damage, download Truck Crash Simulator now and enjoy truck smashing.


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