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Answerbank's Revenue Fulfilment Services  will help to upgrade the strategy, operational capacity and capability of your sales team

Answerbank Consulting is a leading management consulting practice with considerable focus on helping organizations to boost productivity and build best-in-class sales capacities and capabilities. 


SALES MANAGEMENT TRAINING: Learning and Development programs that equip executives and entrepreneurs with the right tools to properly architect their sales units as well as identify new opportunities, target decision-makers, increase forecast accuracy, seal deals and reduce both the cost of selling and the pressure to lower prices [Learn more]


SALES FORCE RECRUITMENT: Search, assessment, recruitent and evaluation of sales personel. We look beyond fancy CVs into competences and temperaments required for successful in specific market/product configurations [Learn more]


OUTSOURCED SALES SUPPORT: Pay-as-you-go Sales Management Services to organizations that need help with sales management but cannot afford to recruit an experienced Sales Manager on a fulltime basis. The service goes beyond supervising the sales and business development efforts of such firms [Learn more]


SALES ADVISORY: Research-based sales management advisory for businesses that require straightforward, meaningful results that lead to clear, significant decision making [Learn more]


TEST SELLING: If your company seeks to introduce a new product or service in an West African market, we can help you ascertain real-world acceptability and effective route-to-market   before you fully commit resources [Learn more]

OTHER SERVICES: Answerbank provides other management support and management development solutions that improve productivity and profitability of organisations. [Learn more]

plan. assess. recruit. develop. evaluate. reward. and manage. your sales team

Sell by design, not by chance.

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