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Developing deep competences

Answerbank Consulting's People Transformation practice helps organizations in public and private sectors  to develop the capabilities required to design and deliver strategies at a pace and scale that the market demands. We also  support leaders and their teams with requisite training  on foundation skills, implementation capabilities and competences for orchestration.

Some of our programmes for public and private sectors are as follows:

Professional Skills for Government [PSG]

Skills for a High Performing Civil/Public Service


The conception, design and delivery of public value have become more complex, requiring competences and skills which traditional training programmes are ill-positioned to support. In consideration of this, Answerbank’s Professional Skills for Government [PSG] programme covers  the traditional level, the strategic level and the innovation level in the following sets of skills relevant to the new normal:

  • Skills for Policy advice and analysis

  • Skills for service delivery and citizen engagement

  • Skills for commissioning and contracting

  • Skills for managing networks


(See details)

Specialty Partnership programs

Answerbank Consulting, in partnership with specialized institutions, undertakes a range of specialy programs to complement individual development requirements, organizational workforce requirements and development priorities.


As a leading training provider, Answerbank is recognized for its outstanding service and for delivering relevant, high-quality, cost-effective learning and development programs that develop the capabilities which government organizations need now and into the future.

Customised MDA Programs

Customised MDA programs are training programs uniquely designed in content and format to address the particular needs of specific Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government. All Answerbank courses are available as customized programs wherein their content and format are uniquely tailored to address the particular needs of a specific organisation. We match the most appropriate consultant to the needs of this organisation and have case studies, organisational policies and procedures from the organisation incorporated into the programs. This offers the additional advantages of flexibility in content, length, timetable and location.

Study tours

Answerbank Consulting supports learning in public and private sector organisations through the use of local and foreign study tours.

Answerbank's approach to learning

Answerbank understands that adults learn best when the course content is directly relevant to their needs and when theory is reinforced in interactive sessions and practical exercises. Our facilitators apply the principles of adult learning when delivering training programs. This approach incorporates action learning that builds on and uses participants’ prior knowledge and experience. The skills, knowledge and tools developed in the programs can be taken back to the workplace and applied immediately.

About Answerbank Consulting's PSG facilitators

Facilitators engaged by Answerbank have extensive experience working with public and private sector organisations. As well as being experts in their fields, they have held senior management positions in their respective industry categories. This background enables them to respond to the issues raised by participants, and provide practical examples and case studies.

Leadership and Management Training for the Private Sector 


Answerbank Consulting's management training for private sector institutions covers the acquisition of knowledge, skills and expertise in three key areas:


  • Leadership competencies;

  • Functional competencies; and

  • Life skills.


Leadership Competencies: Represent the key competencies for persons responsible for steering entire sectors, sub-sectors and organizations through the development and delivery of strategies and high-quality policies.


Functional Competencies: Also called Technical Competences, they include the knowledge of (and skill in the exercise of), practices required for successful accomplishment of a specific job or task.


Behavioural Competencies: This covers a set of problem-solving behaviours used appropriately and responsibly to handle problems and questions commonly encountered in daily human life.

Specialized Sales Management training

We support the sales leadership of companies  to acquire critical capacities and competences (read more...)

Sell by design, not by chance.

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