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Chris Uwadoka, the Vice President of Answerbank Consulting  is a Behavioral Economist and sales force development practitioner that has led teams of consultants to provide scores of organizations with solutions for increasing productivity and revenue. 


With over 30 years of intense experience in fields spanning university lecturing, business journalism, field sales, sales management, Salesforce Effectiveness  Consulting and Federal budget management, Chris Uwadoka brings to his manpower development assignments an unimaginable mix of experience, savvy, clarity and zest.


Passionate about salesforce development, Chris is the Nigeria's first newspaper columnist on SELLING. He used his column in BUSINESSDAY newspapers in 2005 – 2009 to advocate best Customer Service practices and impact the careers of thousands of customer-facing staff. He is also the author of Managing Your Political Godfather a highly-revealing book on political entrepreneurship.


Chris Uwadoka is a Member of many professional associations, including the Nigerian Economic Society and is accredited/licenced by the Federal Government of Nigeria (vide the National Council of Management Development/CMD) as a Human Capital Development expert and a Management Trainer.


Chris' contributions reflect the spectrum of his work: as an economist who is trained on choices and incentives; as a researcher who knows that the answers you get depend on the questions you ask; as a trainer who knows the skills sales reps and managers need; as a coach who knows how to get up close and personal to figure out where the rep is going wrong and how to set it right; as a consultant who has performed many salesforce effectiveness audits; as a thought leader who predicts trends and forcasts in the industry; as an advocate for salespersons who believes they are the most resourceful work group; as an entrepreneur who has grown his own sales organisation by eating his own dog food.


Chris Uwadoka can be reached directly via


Sell by design, not by chance.

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