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Buy sales skills

- as and when you need them

If you  need help with sales management but cannot afford to recruit an experienced sales manager on full time basis, Answerbank Consulting will provide you with pay-as-you-go Sales Support Services that will keep your cost-of-sales within bounds.

Less is more for you!

Labor is a strange thing. Usually, when you buy something in bulk, you can negotiate discounts. The reverse happens with labor (including salespersons). The more people you employ, the more collective bargaining power they acquire, which leads to higher wages and perks. Furthermore, there are no real economies of scale for management. The more people on your payroll, the more complex and costly it becomes to manage them. Today, small payrolls make sense. 


Answerbank Consulting will help you in this regard through our Outsourced Sales Management Services which enable you to directly employ as few people as possible, while at the same time protecting strategic skills. Our goal is to help you reach your goals regarding revenue and cost of sales.  We will help you grow your customer base and profitability, while you focus on your production and other mission-critical areas.This will save you wages, office space, idle time and management time. Less is definitely more for you.


Areas of intervention of Answerbank's outsourced Sales Management services include the following:


Sales Management (on-demand)

We help you to:

  • Develop sales plan, strategies and process for selling a new product/service

  • Translate sales plan into weekly sales assignments for your field sales staff and supervise

  • Address sales and marketing performance issues

  • Recruitment

  • etc




Outsourced Inside Sales

Answerbank Consultants will help you to:

  • Prepare your sales letters & proposals

  • manage lead generation/qualification 

  • Prepare reports that will provide clarity and aid your decision-making

  • Lead generation, appointment-setting, and negotiations on an outsourced basis 

  • Etc

Outsourced Account Management :

Answerbank’s team of sales practitioners will help you to map and manage your key accounts on an outsourced basis. This service is particularly relevant for foreign firms that are yet to set up office in Nigeria/ West Africa. Our sales experts review the account of interest with our clients and agree the sales process, contact strategy, account coverage framework and sales reporting tools to adopt in order to ensure the integrity and fecundity of the pipeline. Charges are based on a visit fee plus minimal travel expenses. An agreed fee is also charged for confirmed sales plus commission on the sale.

Negotiations Support:

We help with prepration, strategies and reviews  of your negotiations.


CRM Implementation Support:

We help you cut through the clutter and solve your CRM implementation challenges by aligning your CRM tools and dashboards on one hand, with your sales process and your sales pipeline milestones on the other. The net effect is enhanced customer intimacy and loyalty. With a well-implemented CRM, the  qualification and progress milestones are set such that probability percentages are no longer subjective, but are based on actions that have actually happened. It provides you with accurate forecasting, because it knows the real progress made in the sale, and the usual sales cycle for your specific company.


Facilitation of Retreats and Sales conferences:

We organize and facilitate retreats and sales conferences for client companies. With our eyes on objectives earlier agreed for the event, we record highly impactful events. 

Strategize. Recruit. Create opportunity. Plan accounts. Close deals. and Repeat. at a fraction of your regular cost

Sell by design, not by chance.

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