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Answerbank Consulting's Political Consulting Services consists of a set of strategy and technical support services that help politicians to run issue-based campaigns and win maximum electoral votes  by using on  tested professional sales tools and techniques

MANAGING YOUR POLITICAL GODFATHER, is a brutally honest guide to help you recruit and manage your key sponsors

Using a case from political entrepreneurship, the book, Managing your Political Godfather treats the subject of conflict dynamics in a situation where one of the parties appears far more powerful than the other.


The concepts and examples shared in the book have helped countless business leaders and politicians to navigate the risky balance between political expediency and service delivery in managing their relationships with more powerful persons in corporate and national politics. They have also helped Account Managers to swim with sharks and not get eaten in their key accounts..

About the author - Chris Uwadoka

Chris Uwadoka, the Vice President of Answerbank Consulting  is an Economist and sales force development practitioner that has led teams of consultants to provide scores of organizations with solutions for increasing productivity and revenue. 



INTRODUCTION: Learning from OPEs (Other People's Experiences)       


SECTION A: THE GODFATHER ECOLOGY                                                                                      

CHAPTER 1: The Godfather as a Political Entrepreneur        

CHAPTER 2: Godfatherism in the Maturity Continuum          


SECTION B: THE NGIGE-UBA STORY                                                             

CHAPTER 3: “The dealer who exposed the President and the PDP”                 

CHAPTER 4:  “The exchange of letters between Chief Audu Ogbeh and President Olusegun Obasanjo”  



CHAPTER 5: On getting chosen by a godfather (How Ngige & Uba may have settled for each other)    

CHAPTER 6: Ngige, Uba and their Prisoners’ Dilemma (PD) games                

CHAPTER 7: How godfathering relationships evolve - The Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing stages   

CHAPTER 8: Strategies & tactics used by Ngige and Uba    

CHAPTER 9: The Ngige-Uba power equation 

CHAPTER 10: Negotiation ethics in the Ngige-Uba tango 



CHAPTER 11: Lessons in godfather-management 

CHAPTER 12: Some advice for godfathers 

CHAPTER 13: You can’t not negotiate 


SECTION E: APPENDICES – The Ngige-Uba story (contd.) 



Sell by design, not by chance.

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