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Answerbank Consulting operates Nigeria's premier sales academy, Answerbank Sales Academy, which runs an 8-week Proactive Sales Executive Development Program, ProSEDEP, targeted at 'accidental salespersons' (those who never planned on a career in sales but now find themselves in it) and fresh graduates wishing to make a career in professional selling.  Designed to help the target persons hit the ground running, Answerbank Sales Academy's ProSEDEP builds the critical skills needed  by  sales executives who are in the front-line every day. The theory is there; but there are lots of practicals, case studies and role-plays. 

Market-readiness preparation:

Answerbank Sales Academy's ProSEDEP so well prepares participants  that even those with no prior knowledge of selling can hit the road without additional training.  Each participant is required to  indicate  the industry and market segment that he/she desires to specialize in. Class assignments are performed according to the respective areas of specialization and after 3 weeks of instructor-led classes, role-plays and  exercises, participants commence  a 4-week field work in which they plan and execute sales calls in their industries of choice according to the pattern learnt and practiced in class. A final week is commited to reviews and demobilization. Participants may specialize in any of 3 classifications:


  • Mature markets - This refers to selling in situations  in which  prospects usually have an on-going need for the product/service. The major challenge is that prospects  have a wide range of suppliers from which to choose. 


  • New products or concepts - This prepares  participants to sell a product/service which  is a new or novel concept in its market. Most of the prospects encountered by salespersons in this area  don't even know such a product exists and those who know have never thought of buying it or have made no provision for it in their current budgets. The salesperson will perform the role of creating the need for his product and managing the persuasion process to a close.


  • Business-to-business affiliations - This specialization is particularly relevant for professional service providers  (such as law firms, advert/PR  agencies,  facility managers, health management organisations, freight forwarders, transporters, etc)  the nature of whose business it is to establish long-term strategic relationships.


  • Technology - Technology sales requires a specific set of skills and competences. 

Who should enroll?

Though the program is targeted at young graduates that desire career opportunities in professional selling, it has been found very helpful by experienced  salespersons  interested in getting better results and even  business leaders who negotiate deals on behalf of their companies. Upon graduation (and subject to availability of space), self-sponsored candidates are placed in companies that have vacant performance-driven positions for sales & business development executives. 


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