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Sales Management Advisory in Africa by Africans

Sales Management Advisory Services


Answerbank Consulting offers Africa-relevant sales management advisory for businesses that seek to achieve increased sales, increased control of sales activities, greater ROI on sales staff and lower cost of sales. Our Advisory portfolio includes developing route-to-market strategies, sales architecting, sales process engineering, performance assessment/improvement programs, remuneration advisory, territory design, transitioning from Customer Service to Sales Center, incentive design, customized opportunity sssessments, etc.  Some details are as follows:

1. Route-to-Market


Remember the saying, “Nothing happens in a business until somebody sells something?” It speaks to the fact that you are not in business until you figure out how you will cause your goods, services, ideas and talents to be exchanged for money. Your Route-to-Market strategy is the blueprint for how you earn revenue. It addresses the questions regarding:


  • What approach you should take to reach your customers


  • What you need to do to earn your first revenue


  • How you can best extract value from your new-to-market idea, invention, service, or product



Why you need  Go-to-Market Strategy Advisory today more than ever?

Getting a new product, idea, innovation or technology into the Nigerian market is much more complex and time-consuming than it used to be.  For one, routes to market are now not always clear and access to sales channels has become far more competitive. On top of that, many channels to market for new products have the potential to cause channel conflict with existing products. Yet, the future of your business depends on it.



Answerbank Consulting’s research-based advisory will help you to find the ideal path to market. We deploy a combination of business intelligence, strategy, operations and technology advisory to deliver to you business benefits that include:


  • Reduced time to revenue


  • Stronger competitive advantage


  • Better understanding of the sales cost, staffing, skills and process required to successfully introduce a product to market


  • Choosing the wrong path to market can mean premature death of a great product or service


  • Avoid wasteful trial-and-error methodology




When should you start developing your Go-To Market Strategy?

Yesterday, that’s when. Your go-to-market strategy is usually the main thing standing between you and revenue.  The sooner you request Answerbank to help you get started, the sooner you can progress to revenue.  It will save you fruitless months of chasing the wrong opportunities.

Procrastination is the enemy of progress, so move closer to revenue by requesting an Answerbank Consultant to contact you now.


Get started now. Click here.

2. Performance management

Performance management can make success stick. The secret is to manage performance in a way that is connected to your ultimate goals. Link performance management with strategy and it’s easy to make sure employees are motivated to achieve your objectives.


Answerbank Consulting helps you to look at performance management strategically. We create a ‘performance model’ that’s built on your strategy and culture and provides guiding principles for the way you manage performance. Then, because performance management is linked to what you want and how you work, it motivates your people to achieve the outcomes you need.




3. Design of sales compensation & reward system

Getting reward right can inspire your sales people to perform better, meaning you will see better results. You will also find it easier to attract and keep your top performers at the right costs for your business. No matter what you are looking to achieve, we will help you with every step.


Getting the right reward system isn’t just about paying as well as the competition. No matter the size of your company (or budget), we can help you to make sure that you’ve got the right people, in the right roles, being paid the right amount for doing the right things and with rewards they value, at a cost you can afford. This may include paying for performance with variable pay by tailoring reward to motivate salespersons based on what they want, getting the right balance between pay, incentives and benefits as part of their total remuneration package, taking differences in territories into consideration, and putting together executive reward packages that will attract star performers to help your company soar.




4. Sales process design

Make your sales process appropriate for your profile, product and market. It is your sales process that gives  your salespersons a roadmap for identifying emerging sales opportunities, qualifying the opportunities, targeting decision-makers, managing the buying process (rather than being managed by it) and creating value for the customer by aligning the sales process to the customer’s buying processes. 





5. Sales distribution model

Adopt a Distribution Model that is adequate to cover your target territories now and in the foreseeable future.


6. Sales reporting infrastructure

Your sales reps will find it less cumbersome to file their reports whose structure will be such that sales management can mine for gold.


7. Sales forecasting & pipeline management system

Be able to tell with more certainty how much you will sell to particular accounts within given periods of time.


8. CRM implementation support

Make your CRM work for you, rather than you working for it


9. Answerbank Test-Selling

If your company seeks to introduce a new product or service in the Nigerian market, we help you ascertain its real-world acceptability before you fully commit investment resources. We test/validate your conventional market research report by using our salespersons to sell your products or services to real customers [read more]


10. and more ...

Sell by design, not by chance.

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