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Minimize recruitment errors

Will the right candidate 

please step forward!

There is nothing as frustrating as hiring the inappropriate person into your sales team. In spite of his wishing otherwise, he will cost you lost opportunities, wasted salaries and unmet sales projections. 

Answerbank Consulting provides companies with support in strategic sales force planning, execution and management, i.e. the right sales force for today, tomorrow and at the right cost. Using research, strategic insight and unique selection process that looks beyond fancy CVs (and even the lack of sales experience sometimes), we will work with you to create a sales force that is based around the “Answerbank 5 rights”:


  • Right Size – getting the right amount of staff to reach your strategic goals efficiently and effectively.

  • Right Skills – identifying gaps in your people’s skills, so you can plan your workforce the right way.

  • Right Shape – getting your structure right doesn’t just mean that everything will run smoothly. It’ll also help enable and motivate your people.

  • Right territory –  as you continue to grow, it’s important to make sure you have the right people in the right sales territories.

  • Right Spend – invest the right amounts and spend less on the wrong things.

Resume Verification:

We verify employment claims made in candidates’ resumes. With many resumes being more of an exercise in creative writing than the fact-filled document they are meant to be, it's getting harder to know who or what you're hiring these days. To more properly guide you in hiring the right fit, Answerbank will help to verify claims made by your job applicants concerning previous employment - including job specifications, stretch roles and reasons for leaving.

Induction and on-boarding programs:

Answerbank Consulting helps organisations to conduct induction programs for new sales hires which begin with the end in mind. Professionally organized and facilitated, it will reinforce your new employees' decision to work for you.


Sell by design, not by chance.

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